Spooky Halloween Inflatable: Joiedomi 3.5 FT Flying Ghost Breaks Out of Window with LED Lights – Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Halloween Party Decorations

Spooky Halloween Decor: Joiedomi 3.5 FT Inflatable Scary Flying Ghost


Get ready to spook up your Halloween party with the Joiedomi 3.5 FT Inflatable Scary Flying Ghost! This unique and eye-catching decoration is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. With its built-in LED lights, it will create a hauntingly beautiful display that will impress your guests and neighbors.

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Bring Your Halloween Party to Life

Transform your home into a haunted mansion with this incredible inflatable ghost. Standing at 3.5 feet tall, it will tower over your guests, creating a spine-chilling atmosphere. Whether you place it indoors, in your yard, garden, or lawn, this ghost will surely catch everyone’s attention.

Easy to Set Up

Setting up this inflatable ghost is a breeze. Simply plug it in, and it will automatically inflate in minutes. The included stakes and tethers ensure that it stays securely in place, even on windy nights. When Halloween is over, it deflates quickly for easy storage until next year.

High-Quality and Durable

Made from high-quality materials, this inflatable ghost is built to last. It is weather-resistant, allowing you to leave it outside without worrying about damage. The built-in LED lights provide a spooky glow that will enhance the ghost’s eerie appearance.

Perfect for Any Halloween Theme

Whether you’re going for a classic haunted house theme or a more modern and whimsical look, this inflatable ghost fits right in. Its white color and ghostly design make it a versatile decoration that can complement any Halloween style.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can this inflatable ghost be used indoors?
  2. Yes, this inflatable ghost is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be placed in your living room, hallway, or any other area you want to add a spooky touch to.

  3. How tall is the inflatable ghost?
  4. The Joiedomi 3.5 FT Inflatable Scary Flying Ghost stands at 3.5 feet tall, making it a noticeable and impressive decoration.

  5. Does it come with everything needed for setup?
  6. Yes, this inflatable ghost comes with stakes and tethers to secure it in place. It also includes a built-in fan for easy inflation.

  7. Is it safe to leave the inflatable ghost outside?
  8. Yes, this inflatable ghost is designed to withstand various weather conditions. However, it is recommended to bring it indoors during extreme weather conditions to ensure its longevity.

  9. Can the LED lights be turned off?
  10. No, the LED lights are built-in and cannot be turned off separately. They provide a spooky glow that adds to the ghost’s overall effect.


Add a touch of spookiness to your Halloween decorations with the Joiedomi 3.5 FT Inflatable Scary Flying Ghost. Its impressive height, built-in LED lights, and easy setup make it a must-have for any Halloween party. Whether you place it indoors or outdoors, this inflatable ghost will surely be the highlight of your Halloween decor. Get ready to scare and delight your guests with this hauntingly beautiful decoration.