Dual Purpose Carpet Grippers Gripper Rods (40ft (12 Metres))

Dual Purpose Carpet Grippers Gripper Rods (40ft (12 Metres))

Dual Purpose Carpet Grippers Gripper Rods (40ft (12 Metres))

“Dual Purpose Carpet Grippers Gripper Rods” are a revolutionary product that will transform the way you install and secure your carpets. With their unique design and functionality, these grippers offer a dual purpose solution for all your carpeting needs.

Features and Benefits


These dual purpose carpet grippers are suitable for all types of carpets, including plush, loop, and cut pile. Whether you have a residential or commercial space, these grippers will provide a secure and long-lasting hold.

Stair Compatibility

One of the standout features of these gripper rods is their ability to be used on stairs. Installing carpets on stairs can be a challenging task, but with these grippers, you can achieve a professional finish with ease. The dual nail design ensures that the carpet remains securely in place, even with heavy foot traffic.

Easy Installation

Installing these gripper rods is a breeze. Simply position them along the edges of the room or on the stairs, ensuring that the nails are facing towards the wall. Use a hammer to gently tap the nails into place, and voila! Your carpet is now securely held in position.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can these gripper rods be used on hardwood floors?

Yes, these gripper rods are suitable for use on hardwood floors. The nails are designed to penetrate the carpet and grip onto the floor, providing a secure hold without causing any damage.

2. How many gripper rods are included in a pack?

Each pack contains 40ft (12 Metres) of dual purpose carpet gripper rods. This is sufficient for most standard-sized rooms or staircases.

3. Can these grippers be reused if I decide to change my carpet?

Yes, these gripper rods can be easily removed and reused if you decide to change your carpet. Simply use a pry bar or pliers to gently lift the nails from the floor or stairs, and you can then reposition the grippers as needed.


Dual Purpose Carpet Grippers Gripper Rods are the ultimate solution for securing your carpets. With their versatility, stair compatibility, and easy installation, these grippers offer a convenient and reliable way to ensure that your carpets stay in place. Say goodbye to loose and wrinkled carpets, and say hello to a professional and long-lasting finish.