DEWALT DCN692B 20V Max XR Brushless Dual Speed Nailer

DEWALT DCN692B 20V Max XR Brushless Dual Speed Nailer

DEWALT DCN692B 20V Max XR Brushless Dual Speed Nailer


The DEWALT DCN692B 20V Max XR Brushless Dual Speed Nailer is a powerful and versatile tool designed to handle tough jobsite duty. With its long runtime and upgraded engine design, this cordless framing nailer delivers increased power and drive quality compared to previous DEWALT models. Its compact shape, well-balanced design, and easy-to-operate features make it an efficient and highly productive tool for your team.


Dual Speed Motor

The DEWALT cordless framing nailer is equipped with a dual speed motor that is optimized to drive a wide range of fasteners, providing you with versatility for different applications.

Tool-Free Selector Switch

The nailer features a tool-free selector switch that allows you to easily switch between sequential or bump fire modes, depending on your preference and the requirements of the job.

Tool-Free Depth Adjustment

Precise nail placement is made possible with the tool-free depth adjustment feature. You can easily adjust the depth of the nails to ensure they are properly driven into the material.

Stall Release Lever

In the event of a jam, the stall release lever allows you to reset the driver blade quickly and easily, minimizing downtime and keeping your work on track.

Adjustable Rafter Hook

The nailer is equipped with an adjustable rafter hook, providing you with convenient storage options and easy access to the tool when you need it.

Easy Access Nosepiece

Removing jammed nails is a breeze with the easy access nosepiece. You can quickly and effortlessly clear any jams, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operation.

Dry Fire Lock Out

The dry fire lock out feature prevents the tool from firing when the nail count is low, protecting the tool and preventing damage to your work surface.

33 Degree Magazine

The nailer’s 33 degree magazine can hold up to 55 paper collated nails, allowing you to work for longer periods without constantly reloading.

Capable of Driving 3 1/2 Inch Fasteners

With its powerful motor and design, the DEWALT DCN692B can drive 3 1/2 inch fasteners into dense lumber, making it suitable for a wide range of framing applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this nailer be used for other applications besides framing?

Yes, the DEWALT DCN692B is versatile and can be used for various applications such as decking, siding, and more.

2. Is the battery included with the nailer?

No, the battery is not included. However, the nailer is compatible with DEWALT 20V MAX* batteries.

3. How long does the battery last?

The battery life depends on the type of work and the size of the battery used. With a 5.0Ah battery, you can expect long runtime for extended use.

4. Is the nailer heavy?

No, the DEWALT DCN692B is designed to be lightweight and well-balanced, reducing fatigue during prolonged use.

5. Does the nailer come with a warranty?

Yes, DEWALT offers a 3-year limited warranty on the DCN692B nailer.


The DEWALT DCN692B 20V Max XR Brushless Dual Speed Nailer is a reliable and powerful tool that is built to handle tough jobsite duty. With its upgraded engine design, dual speed motor, and easy-to-use features, this nailer provides versatility and efficiency for your framing and other applications. Order now to experience the power and performance of the DEWALT DCN692B.