ConvaTec EAKIN Ostomy Seals: The Ultimate Solution for Leakage and Skin Irritation

ConvaTec EAKIN Ostomy Seals: The Ultimate Solution for Leakage and Skin Irritation

Are you tired of dealing with leakage and skin irritation caused by your ostomy appliance? Look no further! Introducing the ConvaTec EAKIN Ostomy Seals, the ultimate solution for ostomates facing these common problems.

The Common Problems: Leakage and Skin Irritation

Leakage and skin irritation are the most common problems faced by ostomates. Leakage can occur due to watery output, dips and crevices around the stoma, or using a poorly fitted appliance. This leakage can then lead to irritation of the surrounding skin, causing redness and soreness.

But worry no more! The ConvaTec EAKIN Ostomy Seals are here to provide you with the maximum skin protection you need.

Maximum Skin Protection

Unlike other seals, the Small EAKIN Cohesive Seals are thicker and specially designed to offer maximum skin protection. They are perfect for those with existing skin irritation or potential leakage issues.

These seals not only prevent leakage but also provide a barrier between the skin and the ostomy appliance, reducing the risk of skin irritation and discomfort.

When Should Small EAKIN Cohesive Seals Be Used?

– To offer MAXIMUM protection against pouch leakage

– To provide MAXIMUM absorbency

– To heal sore, irritated skin

– To extend pouch wear time

– To provide “soft” convexity for flush or retracted stomas (but not to substitute convex pouches)

– For use with high output stomas/fistulae

Fresh Stock Available

Don’t settle for outdated products! We offer fresh stock of the ConvaTec EAKIN Ostomy Seals, ensuring you receive the highest quality and effectiveness.

ConvaTec 839002 EAKIN Cohesive Seals are available in a convenient size of 1 7/8 inch (48mm), providing you with the perfect fit for your ostomy appliance.


Don’t let leakage and skin irritation hinder your daily activities. Choose the ConvaTec EAKIN Ostomy Seals for maximum skin protection, absorbency, and extended pouch wear time. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a worry-free life with the ConvaTec EAKIN Ostomy Seals!